GOOD ENTRY JOBS. A couple years ago when I was posting about the need to deal with troubled mortgages “one mortgage at a time” I thought that a mitigating circumstance was that there would be lots of jobs created by the need to unravel the mortgages and securities which had not been properly documented. There were lots of mortgages and securities and it would take a lot of people to deal with them on an individual basis. Some of the jobs would be for lawyers and accountants and some would be the kind of paralegal jobs that make for what I consider to be good entry level jobs. What is thought to be a boring job can be very educational. Looking in files for what is needed to document a transaction or tracing what the documents show is excellent preparation for the kind of careful and accurate work that is useful in the mortgage business and in a lot of other businesses. It turns out that banks have tried to make do without hiring lots of extra people, although some news reports indicate that they are now starting to hire.

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