HOW AUTISM’S FIRST CHILD LIVES. Donald Triplett lives by himself in Forest, Mississipi. He is retired from being a teller in the family bank. He plays golf almost every day, usually by himself, but he participates when there is a scramble (and golfers play in teams). He has dinner with his brother every Sunday. He travels by himself. He has been to 36 foreign countries, has been on an African safari and has attended numerous PGA tournaments. His small talk is stilted, but he converses with people and is a member of the community. Donvan and Zucker say: “[Donald] has a community that has always accepted him, since long before people in town had heard the word autism.” They urge that we also have a “recognition that ‘they’ are part of ‘us’ so that those who don’t have autism are actively rooting for those who do.”

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