MY VOTE ON THE SOCRATIC METHOD. On their blogs, which I check, law school professors Glenn Reynolds (of Instapundit), Ann Althouse, and Stephen Bainbridge are discussing the merits of the Socratic Method. (The comments have lots of interesting opinions as well). Professor Althouse asks: “Would you want a Socratic professor? Would you want to be one?” Put me down as a big fan of the Socratic Method for all subject matter. I was a fan of the Socratic Method in literature courses long before I got to law school. Sitting and answering questions to oneself is a lot more interesting than just listening and taking notes. I also found it more effective. Imitating the process of research in a field does, I think, teach a student to think like an economist or like a mathematician or a lawyer. There are special advantages in law where a lawyer needs to see all sides of an issue.

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