DOING ADMIN. Every profession requires lots of unrelated chores. Even being retired does, as I can attest. One way to deal with the chores is to acknowledge that they are part of the job. As Annalisa tells me, being an artist can involve hours of matting or buying supplies or promoting your work. Being a writer involves proofreading and correspondence. I was struck a couple years ago by this very short interview in the Financial Times with the gifted writer Jeanette Winterson. She describes her working day as getting up at six in the morning and writing until the middle of the day. “Then I go running and do my admin in the afternoon.”

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  1. Mary Jane Schaefer says:

    I think, at my ripe age, I’m starting to understand and to deal with admin better than before. I used to hate it and resent it because I thought I’d have to get all of it done before I was allowed to do what I WANTED to do. Now, I cheat. I allow myself to do some writing, some ms. submitting, some reading even before I do ANY admin. After I take a break and do SOME admin but not all by any stretch of the imagination, I go back to what I want. Of course, sometimes the bills aren’t always paid in time, we run out of clean socks, but, you know, life has to be mixed or how do you get through the days?

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