BASEBALL AND MARRIAGE. Bob Feller has been honored by the White Sox at Opening Day in Chicago and will be honored at Cleveland’s home opener because he threw the only Opening Day no- hitter ever for Cleveland seventy years ago in Comiskey Park. Feller is now 92. Thanks to research on the internet, I have to revise a family story. My father was at that no-hitter with his Uncle Pat, who had brought some cows in from Colo, Iowa to be sold in Chicago. My parents were married on March 30, 1940 and I have told the story as if my father was at a baseball game when he should have been on a honeymoon. But the internet tells me that Opening Day in 1940 was much later than now. The no-hitter took place on April 16, 1940, seventeen days after the wedding. It remains the case that my mother, who was a legal secretary before becoming a lawyer, used to take down the baseball games in shorthand from the radio and recreate the game for my father when he came home. What makes this remarkable is that although my father and her three children were great baseball fans, my mother never learned any of the rules of baseball.

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