A FLOOR COLLAPSES. This article reports that: “Members of a Swedish Weight Watchers clinic said a floor collapsed from under a group of about 20 dieters participating in a weighing event.” Kids, I took note of the article because of a story your mother likes to tell. Mary Jane and her family lived for many years in Syracuse in a red brick building that her father had designed and built. He built well, and the house was sometimes referred to as “the fortress.” There came a day when your grandmother was hosting a shower to which all the “cumma’s” had been invited. Your grandfather came home, saw all the ladies weighing over 300 pounds, all dressed in black, crowding around the buffet table, rushed down to the basement to check the foundation, and rushed upstairs to urge your grandmother to only allow two ladies to be at the buffet table at one time. I showed the article to Mary Jane. Her favorite sentence in the article was the last one: “Weight Watchers said the cause of the collapse is being investigated.”

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