TASTING NOTES ON LAPHROAIG. When Henry Nejako was visiting us a while ago, he tasted some of the Laphroaig that I was drinking. His comments included: “kerosene”… “creosote”… “turpentine’ ….”pitch.” It occurred to me to look up what some other tasters have said. This site had the following tasting notes on the ten year old Lahproaig that I was drinking: “Nose: Sweet and peaty”….”Hint of iodine. Hey… Tea. Whiff of urine as well, I’m afraid…Taste: Sweet and peaty, just like the nose.” On the ten year old “cask strength”, the tasting notes include “Gasoline in the finish”, so I think I have to give Henry full marks for his appraisal. Commentaries on Laphroaig keep coming back to the peaty taste, which this site translates as “(Intentionally tasting like decaying vegetation).” I posted here about how the taste of Laphroaig called up for me the smell of a peat fire and thoughts of my ancestors, who I think of as including bog people on both sides.

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  1. Lee says:

    John Hansell from Malt Advocate had interesting tasting notes in his review of the ultra peaty Bruichladdich Octomore:

    “Intense smoke on the nose and palate, with notes of freshly tarred road, cigar smoke and ash, licorice root, bacon fat, kalamata olive and smoked seaweed. Struggling to emerge is youthful orchard fruit, honeyed malt, brine and soft vanilla. Long, smoky finish—like licking the walls of a peat-infused kiln. A very invigorating whisky.”

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