CHEATING—DELIBERATELY CRASHING. I reported earlier in the week about how at Minnesota Twins home games, the wind would on occasion blow out—in an indoor stadium–when the home team was at bat. According to this article from France24, the Renault Formula One team has admitted it ordered one of its drivers to crash deliberately in order to help his teammate, Fernando Alonso, to win the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. The scandal is known as “Crashgate.” This article explains that the crash caused a “safety car period” during which Alonso was able to improve his position.

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  1. Lee says:

    First there was the whole McLaren spy scandal and now this. Formula One hasn’t seen shady practices like these since Ferrari’s nadir! I wonder what evidence existed that made Renault decide to not contest the charge. At least they avoided a 100 million dollar fine.

    Scandal seems to follow Fernando Alonso!

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