RUNNING UP 100 POINTS ON YOUR OPPONENT. I heard Mike Francesa saying today that there are rumors that Florida is going to try to score 100 points against Tennessee tomorrow. Sure enough, this article in a Florida newspaper says that “Privately, there are whispers that Meyer wants to put 100 points on the board.” (Urban Meyer is the Florida coach). Florida is a 29 point favorite. All this brings back memories of the first college football game I saw in person. We lived in Elmhurst, Illinois, and the Elmhurst College football team was not very good. I went to see Elmhurst College play Wheaton College, which did have a very good football team. At the end of the first quarter, Elmhurst was losing by only 6 to 3. They lost 78 to 3. They lost the next year by 81 to 0. Soon, Elmhurst and Wheaton stopped scheduling each other. There was a story before the last game that the Wheaton College president had told his team that his mother was going to be 100 years old soon, and that breaking 100 would have some sentimental value. Elmhurst College held the score to 96 to 0. After the game, the streets of Elmhurst were filled with cars honking horns and Elmhurst College students celebrating.

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