BOG BUTTER. Annalisa knows of my interest in bogs, which comes from my belief that my Danish ancestors and my Irish ancestors were bog people. She sent me this article about the discovery in a Kildare bog of an oak barrel containing what had been butter in the Iron Age 3000 years ago. The barrel is now full of some seventy pounds of animal fat. It is thought that the butter had been placed in the bog for storage and the amount was probably for a community. I can imagine that a bog might be a cool place to put butter, but I can’t help wondering why nobody wound up using it.

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  1. Annalisa says:

    Perhaps no one wound up using it because it got lost in the boggy mess?

    I would argue that you are fond of bogs for more reason than your ancestors. I have a theory that you become fond of things that the majority of people underappreciate or outright dislike. My first feeling is that bogs would fit into this category. Cousin Andrew supports my theory, although how strongly I don’t know since he also jests about it (what Schaefer doesn’t?).


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