SOMETIMES I’M SERIOUS. Two of the people with whom I have had frequent serious conversations are my wife Mary Jane and my friend Joe Foley. I have also noted, ruefully, that on occasion I have brought up opinions that I have long considered and cherished to one or the other of them and been greeted with cheerful laughter. They think I am speaking tongue in cheek. It’s happened again. I mentioned to Mary Jane yesterday the thought (which I have posted on) that we may have been lucky that the subprime mortgage market had blown up before the toxic assets could metastasize further. She laughed and said that she had thought I was joking. I think it’s a great irony, but I was serious.

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  1. Nick says:

    Part of it may be amusing due to your personality. Annalisa and I have often mused about how at times you are irrepressibly optimistic.

  2. Dick Weisfelder says:

    I just finished the Black Swan, so I see Phil’s point

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