CUTE CATS AND REVOLUTIONARY ACTIVITIES. Annalisa and Lee Bryant claim to be followers of web sites that show cute cats. I posted here about Lolcat, which is a web site devoted to cute cats and novel grammar. This article explains the “Cute Cat Theory of Internet Censorship, as propounded by Ethan Zuckerman, a senior researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.” The theory is that “most people use the Internet to enjoy their lives, and among the ways people spread joy is to share pictures of cute cats.” It is hard for the Iranian government (or other governments) to shut down blogs to censor political messages when the blogs have become part of daily life. Zuckerman gives Kenya as another example. Kenya has the second largest number of bloggers in Africa, many of whom blog about rugby. Think of how much anger there would be in this country if an attempt were made to cut down on blogs devoted to cute cats and sports.

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