VERONESE AND THE INQUISITION. In 1573 Paolo Veronese was called before the Inquisition for questioning about his painting which came to be called The Feast in the House of Levi. This article (which shows the painting) points out that in the highly-charged atmosphere, the Inquisition “knew that its every judgement and act were jealously watched by the [Venetian] Senate, who were only too eager to bring a charge against it of usurpation of the liberty of a Venetian subject.” Nevertheless, “Paolo, in a sad state of dread, appeared before the Inquisition sitting in the Chapel of S. Teodoro on the 8th of the July of 1573, anxious to mollify the deadly Inquisitors, and knowing that his friends and admirers were in a feverish state of fear that his great career was at an end.” This excerpt from the transcript shows, I think, the fear on the part of the artist as he skirmishes with his questioners.

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