TWO YEARS. I began this blog two years ago today. I want to thank Annalisa and Lee Bryant again for giving it to me. And thanks to all of you who have helped and encouraged me with it.

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6 Responses to TWO YEARS.

  1. Nick says:

    The breadth of subjects you’ve covered is amazing, as is the fact that I don’t think you’ve missed a single day!

    Congratulations, Dad.

  2. Mary Jane Schaefer says:

    The body of work speaks for itself. Erudition, humor, and the range of human interests. Nihil humanum tibi alienum est, Pater Familias.

  3. Annalisa says:

    I’m happy beyond words that you’ve faithfully stuck to this blog and made it a priority in your life, Dad. Most of all, I’m happy that it makes you happy. I am so proud of you.

  4. Dick says:

    Though I comment sporadically, I’ve really enjoyed this blog.

    What I didn’t realize, however, is how widely my posts get circulated. I wanted to see what was listed under my name in the google browser and found an unbelievable collection. But I think that every one of my posts in “Pater Familias” was included as this one soon will be!

  5. Dick says:

    I meant to add that I have some reservations about every bit of trivia I write being recorded for posterity.

    Will it ever disappear? I hope so!

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